Error 'You have no background tasks'

I am trying to create a background task via the following code on a ServerModule:

def auto_load_account_info():

used for scheduled autoload for all users and strategies

When I try to add the task via the scheduled task GUI it does not show up. Instead I get the message ‘You have no background tasks’.

I had this working for a long time based on the Full Python 3 version. I switched recently to Python 3.10 (beta) in order to install Custom packages. My base package is Data Science.
Can there be a relationshop between the Python version and my background task issue?


Hey, take out the the top callable line and try again…

I have a feeling the UI message might be a casualty of

But - you can always add the background task name even if the hint doesn’t think it’s there

Seems to be the autocomplete issue. I manually added the background task and it worked. Thanks a lot.