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Anvil Extras v1.4.0

We’ve just released v1.4.0 of the Anvil Extras library with:

Installation and Upgrade instructions are on readthedocs.


It took me an inordinate amount of time to try to build a tabs feature… was nothing to write home about. I am so excited to test this feature out. Thank you!


@rickhurlbatt - let us know how you get on with it - would be great to see the components being used in the wild.

Worth noting that the Tabs component knows about the anvil card role from the material design (if you happen to be using that for the content being displayed).

Awesome work on this and thanks for your continued development, these are really great features that I am really excited to implement! Question for @stucork, is there a way to change the default foreground and background colors as well as the font size for Chips in the ChipsInput component? Not seeing an immediately obvious solution. Thanks in advance

@e.edson - not at the moment. But it can be added. Best to submit an issue on the anvil-extras GitHub.

@stucork - would it make sense to include the excellent Tabulator module that you made in the Anvil Extras library? I’m using it everywhere now.

I’ll also suggest that icons be added to Tabs. Maybe give all properties of Flow Panel to Tab? Since a functioning tab can be easily build from Flow Panel as well. Adding the animations of Tabs to Flow Panel might make it a perfect solution.

The best place for requests is to add an issue to the github page.


Hey everyone,

I really like the anvil_extras library and I’m using the popovers for a project I’m working on. However, I want to use the other extras that you have created, but there are no examples. I can’t figure out how to actually get them working. Is there somewhere where there is some code I can look at? I’ve checked the Github, but there isn’t any there either.



@owen.campbell Thank you for the link. I must have missed it due to late night programming session :open_mouth:

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