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URL not redirecting

Hello Team,

What I’m trying to do:

I have created a custom sign in /Register form in anvil and Iam sending mails using python SMTP library with the link generated using anvil.server.get_app_origin()

I validate and perform certain updates on my MySQL DB once the user clicks the below link in his mail box

I grab the parameters in the above URL using anvil.get_url_hash() and perform validation in the form_show event of my HomePage.
But this validation keeps firing every time I return to home page even after I move to other pages after login and the url does not change.
and still shows the link which I clicked from my mail

Note: I have not hosted this URL in public domain yet and still under development and this is the URL in my dev environment

How to change the URL once I log in or how to stop this validation from firing again every time go to my home page…thanks in advance

Code Sample:

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The hash routing dependency takes care of the Javascript needed to change the URL showing in the address bar (and much more). It’s part of the Anvil Extras library: Anvil Extras v1.4.0

Although i am able to solve this validation from firing every time i goto my HomePage using another condition , I just want to know how not to display the URL which I have sent to the mail ID as a link even after moving to different page

It may be useful to use a start up module for the logic you’re describing

Anvil Docs | Client-Side Python

And there’s a method anvil.set_url_hash() which you could use to override the initial hash value you receive.

appreciate it Stu , let me try and come back

Thx Jay…let me try it out