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Google REST APIs

You might want to use one of Google’s REST APIs directly. To do this, you will need a Google API Client ID from the Google Developer Console - see Linking Anvil and Google for full instructions.

To request additional OAuth scopes, call with a list of scope names. In this case we are requesting the ability to read the user’s Gmail inbox with the Gmail API.

# Log in and request access to a user's mailbox[""])

Once logged in, you can get an access token for the current user’s session by calling This token is a string, and you can use it to make requests to the Google REST API. In this example, we are getting a list of threads in the user’s inbox using the Gmail API.

access_token =

email_threads = anvil.http.request(
    json=True, headers={
        'Bearer ' + access_token

Access tokens expire within a short period of time (typically less than an hour). If you want to retain access after this time, you need to store a refresh token. This refresh token can be converted into an access token later by calling

refresh_token =

# ... some time later ...

access_token =

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