PulseChain tools built on anvil

A few weeks ago, a new ethereum fork called PulseChain launched. There were a couple of big problems that needed solving and using anvil I was able to quickly deliver solutions.

  1. Gasbridge.anvil.app was a cross chain dual escrow contract system that helped new users of pulsechain get the PLS tokens they needed to interact with the network. People who participated in the initial launch phase of pulsechain had PLS to use for network fees, but new users didn’t and no exchanges supported it yet. People who wanted PLS could send eth to the contract and people who had PLS and were willing to swap for eth could send PLS to the contract. There were two 20 hour phases where about $300k of value was swapped. It was two simple escrow contracts written in solidity deployed to both PulseChain and Ethereum and a front end dapp built on anvil. The accounting system involved generating a merkle tree containing depositors and the amount of tokens they receive. Thanks to @stucork i learned how to use JSPM to build an import map of the openzeppelin merkle tree package (GitHub - OpenZeppelin/merkle-tree: A JavaScript library to generate merkle trees and merkle proofs.) and add it to my native libraries to use that package. Close to 800 people participated and everyone had a perfect experience.

  2. PulseCheck.anvil.app is a tool that helps users identify the correct contract addresses for tokens bridged from ethereum to pulsechain. There was a big problem with scammers deploying lookalike tokens and tricking people into buying them on pulsechain. Now people can check the tool which reads directly from the bridge contracts to get the correct token contract address.

The hexicans, the Hedronchachos, and the pulschaiñeros all love anvil, and some people have learned python from scratch to build sites on anvil such as https://lookintohedron.com/

Thanks for everything everybody!


Truly great work! :slight_smile: Although I know the very basics of crypto, it would be really awesome if you could explain/teach us non-crypto-devs about the crypto and the web3 space :slight_smile:

I would very much help participate in the whole web3 space!


Come to a conference and take part in a hackathon. It’s a fantastic way to get your teeth into something for a couple of days.

I like the look of ETHRome!

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When is the next one

ETHPrague is the next big one but I can’t make it.

Good bounties on offer at that one!

I’m not contributing anything here, but I just wanted to say I genuinely love your Show & Tell posts. To me they are almost totally incomprehensible yet others seem to know what you are talking about, so it must make sense. I giggle at my own ignorance every time :slight_smile:

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