Progressbar component (again)

Good evening,

Recently i have been facing a small issue with the lack of pre made ui components in anvil. Especially for IOT.
Here’s a example of the ui components that i lack

HOWEVER, I dont know if i am the only one facing this but i find this approach pretty neat to create the components yourself.

This project contains

  • a custom component with a value property
  • custom html, css and javascript. the html is purly using svg. (i am using a seperate html file since editing directly in the custom html form is buggy)

I plan to learn more about SVG so i will hopefully create some more ui components using this approach :slight_smile:

Live demo:

Copy of project:



It is indeed one of the great pluses of Anvil that such things can be done, and the community always appreciates anything like this that is shared, thank you.


Yep :+1: I have tried soooo many alternatives to anvil. But anvil is unbeatable!


These are so neat! :heart_eyes: Thanks for sharing @tobias.carlbom


Love your progressbars! Thank you! :slight_smile:

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