IDE Productivity in Split View (Always Show Toolbox and Properties)

The new IDE has gone horizontal in a big way, trying to adapt and maximize productivity.

Purchased a 34" 21:9 aspect ratio monitor to work with the multiple additional panels, and it is much better, makes working with split view while running the app in development work quite well. However, there’s one particularly annoying reality in split view, even with enough screen real estate:

The Toolbox and Properties popouts.

In Design view, they’re nicely positioned immediately to the right of the design canvas, but there’s no way to keep them there in split view, and they popout over the top of the code, forcing a lot of additional movement.

PLEASE implement a setting for keeping them fully visible immediately to the right of the design canvas even in Split view for those with larger screens? Off by default would be fine, but I could stop chasing those popouts every time I need them.

Note: Even worse, when the app is running in development, they popout all the way over to the right on top of the app, making for a ton of chasing them around.


I agree.
There are already two similar feature requests: