[Beta] Move the buttons away from the running app

The 3 Toolbox, Properties and Code snippets buttons are on the right of the running app rather than on the right of the editor.

Having them on top of the app can be annoying.
Having them far from the editor makes them more difficult to use.

I would like for them to be next to the editor rather than on the right edge of the window.


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Yes, the position of those buttons is particularly horrible right now. They will not be staying there!


Can we also remove the version history, app console and background task buttons from the bottom of the screen and place them somewhere else? Or maybe an option to hide them completely?

They reduce the overall work area.

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Please fix this?

2023-08-18 at 2.29 PM

Just make that button always visible, even in Split view, and let the panels (Toolbox & Properties) have the option to show up in Split view just like they do in Design or Code only, on the right side of the Design area. Same with the Code area in Split view, show the same button, and allow the Code Snippets panel to show up on the right side of the code in Split view just like it does in the Code only view.

The popout panels slow thing down so much in Split view. I want to check the name of a component, I have to select it, then go click the Properties popout, I then click on another component, select it to check name or adjust properties and the popout disappears on me, so I have to go back and open the popout again. Now, add that the popout shows up all the way over on the right on top of the Code area, and I’m just mousing all over the place.

Almost 2 years now… Can this get a little love? All the pieces are there, it’s just allowing them to show up differently. The popout buttons were moved, but the popouts still show up all the way on the right.