Toolbox Sidebar Always Off/On Toggle

Depending on my window/monitor setup, I might sometimes use the Split view with the app running next to it too, sometimes just Split with no app running, and sometimes just Design or just Code view. Whenever you switch between to the Design only view, the Toolbox sidebar shows, and I almost always immediately hide it. A setting for this to be toggled off would be great, I don’t make too many UI changes beyond the initial build so I find myself not using the toolbox super often. On a similar note, a toggle to have the Properties panel automatically open when clicking a component in the UI would be amazing

I wonder if side by side windows within the IDE is on the todo list? I have multiple 1440p ultrawide monitors so being able to more effectively use this space would be amazing


I agree.
You work for a few days focusing on the UI, and the toolbox open is very likely helpful. Then you focus on the code, usually for longer, and the toolbox open is rarely helpful.

I also agree that a multi window experience would be helpful when working with multiple monitors. I usually start the app on another tab, drag the tab out, and keep restarting the app that will keep working on that tab. For the time being this is the best usage of multiple monitors you can do.

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According to this: [Beta] Add look and feel setting to hide code snippets - #2 those side panels will eventually remember their status, so you’ll only have to hide it once and it’ll stick.

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Just make the Toolbox and Properties panels into one pane like they are in Code view, and make the one pane remember its status, and always show on the right side of the Design area, even in Split view. This is the only thing that is a constant annoyance for me in the new IDE.

If this has been in the works for 10 months, can we please have some satisfaction soon?

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Just to add to this feature request, I regularly edit custom HTML templates. When you have a wide enough display, there are some times when you can get the HTML editor, along with the split view in one window. When you run the app, it pushes the design view off screen, and some fiddling allows you to have the HTML, python editor, and running app on one screen. I like this behaviour, but it needs heaps of fiddling to get right. More advanced IDE options like this would be amazing

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