Fairshake - we're growing

Quick update at fairshake.com. Since this post, building on anvil has enabled us to help many thousands of customers successfully resolve legal disputes with banks, cell phone companies, and internet providers. Our customers love the support they receive through this process and our growth team has established us as leaders in the consumer law space.

some highlights:


Building on anvil has enabled us to do a lot and iterate very quickly. I am the only engineer building and managing our suite of anvil apps and as we expand we are seeking more anvil pros to join our team. If you are interested in working with me on this, message me with some links to any cool anvil apps you have built.

No specific background or subject matter knowledge necessary. Preferably you have at least a thousand hours creating on anvil (whether for work or for fun) and have real users using your anvil products. Even if you are newer to anvil, but are a creative problem solver that is skilled with python, javascript, and css please reach out.

thank you to the anvil team for making all this possible!