Anvil success story

I was just offered a job as lead developer at a legal-tech company here in Oakland. I only started doing web development 5 months ago when I picked up anvil and I was able to beat out some very experienced senior-level people because they were impressed with my quick turnaround on the test project they game me. I cant share the build here, but in 2 days I used anvil to build them an html snippet for their squarespace site that would allow them to A/B test variations to the onboarding sequence design. The credit card app i shared the other day was part of it

They hacked together their original product using low-code/no-code tools, but they are reaching capacity and can’t really iterate on their product. I showed them some of the things I have built with anvil and they loved the built in services and the version control tool. I made the case to them that me + anvil is like a team of 3 engineers, and showed them how migrating away from lowcodenocode to anvil will cut their current hosting bill by over 75%.

Huge appreciation to the Anvil team and everyone in the forum, you have taught me so much.


Congratulations on your new job!

Good luck.

This is terrific! I’m glad your future employers were able to see the value in Anvil. You really can iterate so quickly in it.

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