DragSelector : Module to Drag Select multiple components

DragSelector is a module that allows you to click & drag selection of multiple items in a container and automatically alter the color of the item on hover and selection.



  • DragSelector(container,event_name="",selected_color=primary_color,default_color="") will raise the event name on the container every time an item is selected and alter between the two colors given. (primary color is theme’s primary container color)
  • add_items(key,value) takes in a component and value to return when calling get_items
  • get_items will return all the values of the selected items
  • The mousedown event , in the container given, triggers the drag selection to occur

FUTURE Capability:

I am working on the mobile side of this.


The clone also has the example use (the gif above).

Shout Out

Thank you @stucork for updating the augment class to be able to identify native events of objects. (It was definitely out of my wheelhouse after seeing your commit.)


Awesome, thank you for sharing this!