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Announcing the New Anvil Editor (Beta)

Hi all,

You may have heard rumblings of something big underway. Well, it’s time to let the cat out of the bag: Today we’re launching the brand new Beta Editor! We’ve taken everything we’ve learned from working with developers like you, and rebuilt the Anvil Editor from the ground up to better support what you’re doing.

It’s got a fresh new look and feel, so it’s easier to find what you need:


Powerful collaboration with branch/merge version control:


Split-view coding, so you can see your design and your Python side-by-side:


A new deployment system, making it easy to deploy apps across dev, staging and production, or host multi-tenant apps:



Dark Mode!

And, of course, proper documentation.

The new Editor is definitely a Beta creature, and we’re relying on you to give us feedback here as we update it! The good news is that you can always switch back and forth, and edit the same apps in both Beta and Classic editors.

To learn more about all of this, or try it yourself, check out the announcement post on our blog:

This is a huge milestone for us, and I’d like to take a moment to be extremely proud of the team that made it possible. Particular credit should go to:

  • @stucork and @bridget, who built a great deal of the UI you’re looking at

  • @daviesian, who led the design, architecture and development of the entire project (I confined myself mostly to the version control system)

  • @brooke, @eli and @ryan, who have been testing and refining this thing for months, and are responsible for there being complete documentation on Day One! (@brooke is also the reason that Dark Mode made it over the line for today’s launch.)

Thank you also to the folks who has been testing early versions of the editor, reporting bugs and helping us realise what’s usable and what’s not. You’ve been our crash-test dummies, and the Beta Editor would be in much worse shape without you.

Thanks, too, to everyone who posted in the Feature Requests forum, letting us know what was causing you friction. You might feel like you’re pestering us, but it helps! (And you may notice that an awful lot of those FRs are being closed today…)

And finally, thank-you to everyone who has been using Anvil, sharing it with their friends and colleagues, and posting about us online – whether it’s a brief Twitter mention or a full-on tutorial! You are the reason we were able to build this big crazy thing in the first place. Thank you. Really.

Let the feedback roll in! :slight_smile:


So many great improvements, but…SO many improvements to learn. Great job!

Edit: the deployment options are amazing! No more fiddling with local git repositories.


That post just made my day! Can’t wait to use the new feature.

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This is absolutely mind blowing. Complete geniuses. We’ll done indeed! :heart:


Just checked it out . Everything was amazing. Thank you so much Anvil Team for the hard work in making this new editor. I can’t wait to start building with Anvil again in an entirely new way.


Having used the beta for a little while, I’m delighted to see this released into the wild. It’s an excellent piece of work!


and now I can get rid of my horrible hacky git workflow for collaboration!!!


Wow, just Wow!

I’ve been trying the Offline Apps functionality for the last few days and it’s been brilliant.

Now the new editor. Only tried it for 5 minutes and I’m blown away.

It’s official - Anvil is Awesome!!!

Fantastic job to all involved - keep up the great work!


This looks like a huge step forward for Anvil from a usability perspective. Well done team!


After having tested the Editor myself for quites some time now im very excited to see it in public beta!

Congrats to the whole team🎉

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I’m so excited to try this out! Glad to see how fast the Anvil platform is progressing!

On the “Custom Component Configuration” where you expand the “Designer”, I have to zoom out the whole page to see all the cool new features.

Can you make this popup scrollable? :slight_smile:

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Is the App Sessions a new feature? Looks freaking sweet!

This is awesome! Way to go all!

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There are no words… only emojis… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :kissing_heart: :heart_eyes: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :crazy_face: :partying_face:

In other news I actually think you may have broken me - this is too much goodness all at once.


This is a massive improvement!! Congrats to the whole team!

I am excited to see the future updates as well. Keep up the great work! :smiley:

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I’m in complete awe! It’s massive and beautiful! Anvil keeps growing more and more! Congrats to all!

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I’ve been using the new Anvil Editor for a little while now, and it’s completely transformed my Anvil (and Github!) workflow. It’s a massive step forward in every way, and I’m super excited to see it released into public beta!

Huge congrats to the entire Anvil team. You’ve really outdone yourselves this time.


My god. This is the best news I’ve gotten this year. Fantastic!


Wow!! Anvil just keeps getting better and better. This is fantastic! Huge congrats.

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