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This thread is dedicated to discussion on @bridget’s awesome blog post, where she showcases a ticketing system.

If you have questions, suggestions, praise - share it here…

p.s. @david.wylie, @alcampopiano and I will create more threads dedicated to blog posts over the coming weeks. Partly as an experiment, partly to provide a space for discussion and partly to remind regulars that the blog exists!


Main question for me - Who was the ‘professional designer’, how much did they charge and can I use them?

(because it looks far better than anything I’ve managed to achieve - and that’s included paying so-called experts to do the artistic stuff that I’m hopeless at).


So true!
Thanks to this Stu’s reminder today I had a look around the blog.
So intereseting indeed!!

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Hi @owen.campbell, the designers are our friends over at Forty8Creates - they’re pricey but worth it!


Excellent! Thank you.

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Better value than paying some firm who say they can do the job and then having to spend hours explaining how .css within Anvil works (“err, just like it does for any other web app…”).

Still, at least I got to charge for my own time!

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In this case they provided Bridget with the design (the hard part as far as I’m concerned!), and she implemented it in CSS herself. At the risk of putting words in her mouth, I think she found it helpful because it let her structure the Anvil component hierarchy in a way that made sense for the app, which isn’t necessarily the first way a designer would have done it.


Hi I am not able open Anvil ticketing system through anvil It is asking for admin priviliges can anyone help me out?

Hi @sowmya.mg, you can sign up and then use the system. If there is till error, it would be great that you could post a screenshot.

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