Error when using Ticketing App

I’m busy working through the example ticketing app.
But I keep on getting this error after logging in.

AttributeError: “Homepage” module does not contain a class called “Homepage” at [Login, line 27]

Hi @raymond,

Have you changed the code at all?

Hi @brooke not at all.
I even re-cloned it

What browser are you using? Do you get the same error if you try using a different browser (or on your phone)? Do you also get the error if you publish the app and access it via that link (instead of running it from the IDE)?

I use Chrome.
Yep, I get the same error. And yet I can see the class exists.

I also got an error with the due_date <
That was an easy fix. I just changed it to

I’m going to reclone it again later today and see if there’s any change

I fixed the datetime error in the source code yesterday, so that shouldn’t appear if you re-clone the app. We are still digging to try and figure out why you are getting that AttributeError.


I still get the issue

I’m still getting the above error message.
And I’m getting the below one as well


Cloning just now from, I wasn’t able to reproduce the Homepage error. But when trying to open Dwight Schrute’s ticket, I got this error (2 times out of 3) :

As an aside, “Drop a ColumnPanel here.” was showing up when running the app. So I added “anvil-designer-only” to the div’s class attribute at line 40 of homepage.html.

As another aside, when I clicked to edit homepage.html here, image
it didn’t load homepage.html in the editor automatically, but instead looked like this so that I had to choose homepage.html from the dropdown:

@hugetim I noticed the same.
Here’s a clone link to mine where the date time has been fixed.
The "home page’ error doesn’t always show the 1st time

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@hugetim - see previous post from brooke re the datetime error:

But that’s the thing: I had re-cloned the app as she suggested, and a datetime error still occurred.

It might be a good idea for Anvil Staff to “dogfood” an Anvil app like this, actually using it to track support tickets for Anvil internally. I guess you all probably do use Anvil apps regularly for certain things. (If so, I hope you share them, as confidentiality, etc. permits.)