5 minute CRUD video

Quick CRUD example, from the ground up, in 5 minutes, with just a dozen lines of code. This can be useful for fast admin DB interfaces, prototyping, little personal apps that don’t need security, and demoing Anvil:

Youtube 5 minute demo video

Youtube video of the example above, with some verbal explanation while building live




Youtube video explanation of the same sort of thing, with horizontal scrolling datagrid

Try it: https://crudgrid.anvil.app



Youtube video showing how to add search and multiple levels of sort to the examples above

Try it: https://crudsort.anvil.app/


Next, I’ll make another set of videos demoing how to do all this more securely, using server functions and data tables which don’t expose read or write permissions to the front end.

I’ll get a better mic before doing anything else :wink:

BTW, I did this just to start preparing for a big Udemy course project in which I’ll cover my entire tutorial at https://pythonanvil.com, as well as run throughs of some bigger real life projects made in Anvil.


This live coding video shows how to take the quick examples above and move functions to the server, so that client forms don’t expose insecure access to data tables:

(Watch at 1.75x speed, and it should move at a good pace)

This one is a bit quicker - the required changes are just shown (not live coded):

Here’s the working example:

And a clone link: