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Collaborating with Other Developers

If you’re working with other developers on the same application, you’ll need to give them access to your app. To do this, open your app’s Settings from the Sidebar Menu, then choose Collaboration.

Collaborating with other developers requires the Business Plan or higher.

The Collaboration tab

You have two choices for sharing your app:

Share with everyone in my team

If you check this box, everyone using the same Anvil subscription will be able to read and edit this app.

Add a collaborator

This option allows you to add individual collaborators, rather than opening access to your whole team at once. Enter their email address to add them, and choose whether they will have full access (the default) or read-only access to your application.

Note: You can only share apps with users using the same Anvil subscription as you, or with Anvil support staff.

Versioning note

Unlike other sections of Settings, the collaboration settings for your app are not stored in your app’s source code, so they will not change if you restore old version of your application.