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Microsoft Integration

The Microsoft API Service enables users to login to your app using their Azure Active Directory account.

This can be restricted to accounts within your organization.

You can easily get an API token to use a range of Microsoft Azure REST APIs.

The Microsoft API Service is available for users on Business plans and above.

Get started

Follow the Quickstart to enable the Microsoft API Service in your app and display a login form that users can use to login with their Microsoft accounts.

More on Microsoft Account auth

For more detail on Microsoft Account login (including how to do it using the Users Service instead), see Microsoft Single Sign On.

Restricting users to your own Azure Active Directory

Restrict your app to users within your own organization by using your own Azure Active Directory. See Using Your Own Azure Active Directory to find out how.

Access Microsoft Azure APIs

Once your user has logged in to Microsoft, you can get an API token for Microsoft Azure’s many REST APIs. See Accessing Microsoft Azure APIs to find out how.

Other integrations

Similar Single Sign On login functionality is available for Facebook and Google.

Just as users can log in with their Microsoft accounts using, they can log in with Facebook accounts using anvil.facebook.auth.login(), and Google accounts using

You can add any of these login options to the multi-purpose login form presented by the Users Service as well.

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