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Uploading and downloading files

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Files can be loaded into the browser using the FileLoader component.

To upload them to the back-end, simply pass the FileLoader’s file property as an argument to a server function.

The uploaded file will be a Media object. These can be stored directly in the Data Tables in a Media column.


To download a Media object from client code, run


where media_obj is the Media object.

The Media object can be retrieved from Data Tables in the same way as you would a string, integer or other data type.

When the Media object is retrieved, it will still be a Media object; its format does not change from when it was originally loaded into the browser.

You can also create a download button with a Link. Media objects have a url property containing a URL that the user can access to download the file. Set this as a Link component’s url to give the user a clickable link that downloads the file. You can also automatically redirect the user to this URL as you would any other.