Which apps are using all my datatable allowance?

Title says it all - how can I tell which apps are using datatable storage. I know some older ones are hogging it, but I have no idea which.

I remember this being a topic a long while ago (like well over a year ago) but I don’t remember if there ever was any resolution. :thinking:

Going down the rabbit hole linkie trail led me to this post, where Phil and Stefano figured out how to access app data semi programmatically if you have lots of apps:

But I think you might end up having to build an uplink script to build the answer to what you are looking for, I’m sure the new .disconnect() feature might help.

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Yeah I figured that was probably the only way, I just hoped for something a bit easier …

Hey ho.

Not quite so urgent at the moment - I realised that Anvil must have broken something (and it wasn’t due to my datatables being full).

I created a feature request: Account Dashboard

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