Where do I get an API-Key?

What I’m trying to do:
I’m trying to get an API-Key to create anb upload link.

What I’ve tried and what’s not working:
The YouTube video made it look easy, but the interface has changed. There’s no green button anymore. I don’t see anything in the documentation to help me.

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Hi @gtakahashi and welcome to the forum,

Could you provide just a little more context, which video are you referring to? A time stamp might also help.

Look at this video:

There’s the green button to get the API. It’s seems to be no longer there in the new editor interface.

Can you just point me to where one gets an API key? I can’t get started without it. Thanks.

Thanks for the context.

In the new ide you’ll need to first publish an environment:

Then inside that environment under advanced settings you can add an uplink key.