What Are You Building?

What are you building with Anvil? Show us what you’ve done, or tell us your plans!

Whether it’s a commercial product, a five-minute demo, or just a gleam in your eye, this is the forum to share it.

If you are specifically requesting constructive feedback, mention this in your post. Be kind and considerate about other people’s work.


Hi…Im glad to come across Anvil, I was looking into AWS or DOcean to go about my ’ gleam in the eye’ NLP sentiment project and not having a strong server experience background was becoming very daunting. Im a hobbyist so definitely just doing this for fun, I picked up python 3+ to create a program but after I finished I couldnt get out of doing local Appmode pseudo-requests. So tnx again Anvil.

So Im using Anvil to make a web app for a Book/author NLP sentiment program created with Python 3.5

Will share advances…

Sounds really interesting AJ. How have you found anvil and NLP? Do you have any work in progress to share with your web app?

How’s your program coming along?

Hey all.

Just came across anvil and I’m astounded by how refined this is.
I’m a geologist also majoring in GIS (spatial data)
I’ve been working on an automation system via jupyter to identify and narrow down potential geological hotspots with arcPy.

One of the main issues I came across was usability. This platform provides the potential key to my project.

If anyone’s curious about my project. Or have any ideas. I’d love to discuss privately. There are still a few hurdles I need to jump and wonder if it’s possible.

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Good day everyone, I am currently trying to build an interactive programming and data science game to educate students digital and data literacy. I managed to code a prototype; however, there is a room for improvement in terms of efficiency.

Would be happy if anyone is able to give me advice on what type of code should be on the server and client side as currently everything is on the client side.

Furthermore, if anyone is willing to examine my code and give valuable, I am happy to collaborate with you privately or on this forum.

Thank you