Treeview widget by DHTMLX

Hello its me again,

Just found out that DHTMLX javascript ui components framework integrates well with anvil.

As for now i only have a editable treeview to showcase. Please check out

Example project is found here Anvil | Login

Link to source


thanks so much for sharing this! It looks great and I may try and use this in a project or two…

I looked at their webpage and have seen their other products. Do you recommend them? Anything to look out for?

Warm regards,


As i understood from a friend of mine, the DHTMLX suite is mostly used with React and Vue.js apps.

I do think there is a bit of testing of how well it works in production with Anvil. I guess that the Anvil staff can give a more generic answer :slight_smile:

One more thing to note are their pricing model. I have not looked in to it yet but it seems there is a open source (free) cdn and a paid.