Support Verbose RegEx in Skulpt

I guess the RegEx re.VERBOSE flag is not supported by Skulpt?

Code Sample:

      file_name_regex = re.compile(r'(\w*\.\w*)', re.VERBOSE)
      mo ='Test.csv')   # mo = match object
      print("mo1:", mo)                     # mo1: <re.Match object; span=(0, 24), match='Test.csv'>
      # Regex in one line works

      file_name_regex = re.compile(r'''(
                                   \w*\     #filename
                                   \.\w*    # extensie
                                   )''', re.VERBOSE)    
      print("mo2:", mo)                    # mo2: None
      # Same Regex spread over several lines does not work

Correct - moved to feature requests