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So, It's Official

Hi everyone,

For those of you who have been around a while, you may notice something different about my background! I’ve joined the Anvil team as a Developer Advocate.

You can still expect the same level of forum contributions from me. And now I get to help promote and develop Anvil from the inside (muahaha :smiling_imp:)!

My career background is as a Maths teacher and supporting others in their learning is what I do best.

More recently I’ve contributed to the Skulpt open source project adding the itertools library, and generally making the 3.7ish a little more 3.7 and a little less ish. (Expect some new features soon :wink: )

I now reside in Malaysia (previously North London), and when we’re not in lockdown, I’ll be finding a nice hipster coffee shop somewhere :coffee: or exploring the local cuisine :rice: .


Congratz @stucork and thanks for all the support you’ve given so freely to date. It’s really helped my own learning of Anvil and is appreciated :slight_smile:

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This is amazing news!! Congratulations Stu! :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:

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Great news, congratulations!

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Congratulation @stucork, it’s such a good news.

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Excellent news! That’s some heavyweight skulpt contribution in the Anvil team now!

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Top news!

edit - so, we gonna see tabulator baked in to Anvil now? :slight_smile:

edit 2 - North London --> Malaysia, which line is that?


This is super awesome news! Now I won’t feel bad about pestering you to solve my problems hahahahahah
Congratulations Stu and Anvil!!

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That’s awesome! It’s pretty amazing to see Anvil growing, and with Stu on the team, it’s EVEN better.

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Malaysia Boleh ! Are you a Malaysian ? Just found Anvil not too long and coming from the background Delphi, i love python as much as Delphi, but always wander when we can see RAD tools for Python and boom, here comes Anvil, I love especially the part where we can build using uplink and host anywhere, still in the midst of trying it out, but up to this point … awesome !