Snake game for fun

Hi y’all

I have just created a snake game using Anvil :slight_smile:

Please feel free to try it out and show me your high-score :slight_smile:

There are bugs that will fixed.

Clone of the project is here Anvil | Login


Great, another thing to distract me from what I should be doing :slight_smile:

Oh, and it sometimes puts a block in the corner which is impossible to get without dying.

Haha, exactly what I feel!

Thanks! I will try to fix that :slight_smile:

Wow, my childhood re-imagined! Anvil CAN do anything! lol

That’s a great fun project. Nice job :grinning:

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That’s how I started programming on my Commodore 64 in the early eighties

Only forty years later, and you can do that without a cassette and load ,1

Technology is amazing!


My reflexes are clearly not what they once were, back in my Atari 2600 days.


GOTO 10 gang represent :man_technologist:

My father drove 1hr away to “crazy eddie’s” to get a C64 floppy drive that was larger than most of the small form factor PC’s I build now.

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Adding to the conversation, I may not come from the age of floppy drives but I do remember spending hours playing that game on Nokia 3310.

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Wish I could get by with a phone like that these days …

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great! any chance you can share the app so i can see the magic behind it?

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He has done in the original post (there’s a clone link there).

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18 is my high so far, but I’m sure experts are way ahead of that. :slight_smile:

Was a related project here:

oh man I’m blind!!! LOL Thanks so much @hugetim :slight_smile:

Perfect thanks :slight_smile:

I have no idea how I could have missed that project, so I guess that’s my bad.

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25 best for me :slight_smile:

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Be cool if can play on the mobile phone browser. Maybe some key buttons? Or an input focus field to popup the keyboard. Maybe key mapper. Maybe switch for for mobile mode or desktop or auto detect.
On my phone. When I get to the pc I’ll try the app.

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You are right :slight_smile: When i get some time off i will look in to it :slight_smile: