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Shaun is moving on

Fellow Anvilians,

Due to (positive!) developments in my personal life, I have to move to a different city, and as a result, I have to move on from Anvil. This week is my last week as an Anvil staff member.

I’ll still be an Anvil superfan and I’m sure you’ll still see me contributing on the Forum all the time. In fact, building a fully working product in two hours using Anvil was probably the main reason I got the job I’m moving to :smiley:

So when my posts stop having a yellow background next week, you’ll know why.

- Shaun


Good luck, Sir. Been a pleasure to (virtually) meet you.

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It’s been a pleasure to (virtually) meet you too, David! And everybody else on here. It really is an extremely friendly and positive community!

By the way: I’d certainly be up for that ‘Book’ Club idea…


Good luck, Shaun! It’s been a pleasure.

thank you so much for everything!

It was great meeting you at PyCon last year Shaun. We will all miss your presence on the forum.

Long live ‘book club’.

All the best Shaun, congrats on the new opportunities :blush:

Thanks Shaun. For the Information. You are a motivation to us all.