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[RESOLVED] Service degradation

Hi all,

Over the last few days, Anvil has been running a degraded service, with elevated latency spikes and occasional errors. We apologise for the disruption – we are aware of it, and working to resolve the issue. The technical details are the subject of an ongoing murder mystery, so I’m not going to try to summarise in too much detail, but the short answer is that we appear to have been bitten (hard) by our infrastructure. We will keep you updated on this thread.


I’ve been seeing intermittent timeouts on uplink calls and couldn’t work out why. I decided it must be ‘somebody else’s problem’ and stuck it on the ‘ignore it for a while and see if it goes away’ pile. Seems that was a good move!

Thanks for the update.


Update: We believe we have successfully mitigated this issue, and Anvil service has now returned to normal.


:clap: Thanks!
I’m imagining you employ a Lt. Columbo type person to handle all those technical details. :female_detective:

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I wish! Less anorak, more “crouched over a keyboard in a Santa hat on New Year’s Eve, trying to debug inscrutable filesystem hangs”…