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Printing to PDF with good header and footer

When printing to PDF the management of header and footer is a pain.

Anvil feeds a form to an headless Chrome which renders it and prints it to PDF. The problem is that browsers are good at managing one long page, not so good at splitting that one long page in multiple pages, each with its own header and footer.

I did some research, and the most hopeful info I found was this post that suggests to use a table, because that’s the only element with header and footer recognized by browsers.

So I created an app with a custom HTML template that allows to drop 3 custom components, one for the header, one for the body and one for the footer.

Rendering the form on the browser will show the header on top, then the body, then the footer at the end.

Rendering to PFD shows the header and the footer on each page as expected. Yay!

There are a few minor problems:

  1. The footer on the last page is at the end of the table, not at the bottom of the page
  2. The styles that come with Anvil and the media queries do not target table elements, so you may end up with unexpected results. If you are picky, you may need to play with the css
  3. The background color of the body will be used for the header on pages 2+. This is rarely a problem because a background color is rarely used, but it’s good to know
  4. Using tfoot {position: fixed; bottom: 0;} to keep the footer at the bottom of the page works with the footer, but the body doesn’t know about it and will spill and overlap into the footer and the header will not be in pages 2+. Weird

So I decided to proceed keeping in mind these limitations and created a working example:

The interesting parts are:

  • The PdfPage form - a custom HTML form with a table with slots defined to accept components in the thead, tbody and tfoot elements
  • The 3 forms PdfHeader, PdfBody and PdfFooter dragged into the respective slots
  • The first few lines of theme.css - they are mostly commented out because usually useless
  • The margins are set in the PdfGenerator server module - it’s commented out because usually useless
  • The 3rd party dependency to Anvil Extras allows to use the PageBreak custom component

I tried to modify an existing app with a complex layout to use this table-based header and footer, but weird things started happening. A DataGrid wasn’t rendered correctly: some column headers had some padding added above.

I changed the width of a column from 65 to 95 and the padding disappeared, but the headers of the first page slipped down to the second page.

I changed it again up to 125 and the headers were finally working, but then I found out that there were huge gaps added in other areas.


So, yeah, browsers today can’t manage header and footer on printed documents, this table little trick helps in simple cases, but don’t keep your hopes too high. :frowning:

I had no problems building a few small tests, but dumping a multi-page multi-datagrid multi-column panels multi-etc on it doesn’t allow me to figure out what breaks it. I will update this post and report what is that doesn’t work the next time I use it starting from scratch.

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