Pricing app for a landing page

Hi there,

it’s time you get serious and start cashing in on your Anvil apps!

You will need to present a price model to your prospective clients. This app may be useful for you.

View it here:

and clone it here:

Import it to your app, or

embed it in a web page:
paste the code below in your html and replace src with your url (in Wordpress you do this in a ‘Custom HTML’ block):

<script src="" async=""></script>
<iframe scrolling="no" style="overflow: hidden;width:100%;height:100%;border:none" data-anvil-embed="" src=""></iframe>



Simple. Beautiful. Save’s me time and thought.

Thank you!

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Holey smokes!

With any kind of routing, one could build a single Anvil App just chock full of iframe-ready parts, for use in their other sites. Even pass parameters for choice of Theme, to match the iframe’s environs…