Preferred Application Monitoring Solutions?

Is anyone running an APM with Anvil Apps?

I used New Relic on a project a few years ago and was thinking of adding something similar to my Anvil apps, but was curious what folks were using, or if the Anvil team had any guidelines or recommendations for smoothest deployment.

I guess I am also looking at something as close to the agent based monitoring vs leaning into API to capture any events programmatically.

Curious how folks in the community are dealing with APM.

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I am not sure i fully understand your question :slight_smile: But the post below might lead you in the right direction.

In the project there is a VERY simple agent which just make a http post request. This part could be much more sophisticated e.g. the agent could monitor a process which report its status to anvil.

Please feel free to copy the project. If you want the source code for the windows service (agent) i am happy to share it.

I use the free tier of uptimerobot on a few apps. I created an http endpoint that returns nothing on each monitored app.

This morning I had this on my Outlook, caused by the recent Anvil outage:


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