Possible Updates in UI behaviour broke our app

Its pretty late in Austria to be in the office so exuse my rather brief description.

A part of the UI that has worked for over a year now suddenly broke today.
Basically its a Flowpanel → column panel → repeating panel.
We set the repeating panel rows visible=False and this broke the system.

With a lot of trial and we figured out that it was this.
We fixed it for now but I’m worried that more things broke and that they suddenly broke after all.

I’m aware that this description is pretty vague. And I don’t really know if and what has changed in the flow panel logic. And Im not even sure why our fix, solved the issue.

Just wanted to not let this go silent - if anvil central thinks this could be unwanted new behavior reach out and we can go over the changes an you can access the branches directly if needed.


Thanks for reporting, we’ll get that fixed

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Let me know if I can help no reproduce the issue :+1:

All good the description was enough. Expect a fix this morning.

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Should now be fixed.