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Popup Video Player In Anvil?

Is there video player in Anvil? I’m trying to get functionality where if you click on a link in a form, a popup video player will start playing a video from YouTube…

Can you use the YouTube video component?

YouTube coupled with an Alert() should do it. The button click should raise an alert, and the trick is alerts can accept components as their content. Something like this:

def button_click(self, **event_args):
    alert(YouTubeVideo(youtube_id='qb_hqexKkw8', autoplay=True), large=True)
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Kevin, that “mostly” works, though, it seems that there is something wrong with the video player. It popups up after clicking the link text, acts like it’s going to start playing, and then gives a “Video unavailable” message:


It seems to work on my end (except for the auto play). Here is a clone:


Can you watch that video outside of Anvil on YouTube?

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Seems I’m having the same problem as @nathanguyette when I put into an app - “Video unavailable.” I tried it with the Anvil YouTubeVideo component and also as an embed in a Custom HTML form, but no luck. I don’t think it’s a rights issue because I can embed it elsewhere without a problem, so I’m at a bit of a dead end.

I also got the same result after cloning @campopianoa’s app with the different video and no autoplay - “video unavailable.” Pretty strange.

Some videos don’t allow embedding.
I tried a rick roll in anvil and found the video is not embeddable, I think Rick Astley might have made his video unEmbeddable :upside_down_face:

A quick way to check is to change the URL from


You’ll see it won’t play

Instead of the original rick roll try this:

@campopianoa, I tried cloning your app but I’m still getting errors…
This is what I get if I click the button:

When I go to “Learn More” it takes me to:

Which is just a bunch of generic crap.

In the Cloned version code use the commented out id - not the Rick roll id that is there - but the pink fluffy unicorn id.

That’s a sentence you don’t say every day.


lool. That did work but… how am I supposed to know ahead of time if I can use a video as embedded?

A quick way to check is to change the URL from


Put the link above into the address bar - hit play - and you’ll see you get an error.
Try one of the other videos and you’ll see it will play.

There is also a youtube search api
use the parameters: part: snippet, q: rick roll, type: video, videoSyndicated: True
Unfortunately you won’t get any useful hits for this search just a bunch of ‘youtubers react to…’ videos.

(videoSyndicated implies emebddable but videoEmbeddable doesn’t imply embedable)

Here’s my RickRoll app -
I used this custom html - found the website a while ago!

<video controls="" autoplay="" name="media"><source src="" type="video/webm"></video>

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