PEP8 and editor options

If I clone an anvil app to my local machine and do anything within my local editor, I have PEP8 complaints from my linter which are distracting and annoying. (It particularly doesn’t like the use of two spaces instead of four).

Given that it’s almost impossible to find a way to please everyone in this area, could I suggest the use of

If the ide supported editorconfig, there could be a default config file for any app which could then be ammended to suit individual needs.


Any thoughts on this one? The two space indentation is doing my head in!


Most gentle of nudges…

Old thread, but I agree. 4 spaces is the right way to go for Python. Should be a project level setting. 4 spaces default for new apps, 2 spaces for existing apps. A tool to help convert space count would be a nice touch.


raymond hettinger on 2 space indents…

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+1 for enabling 4-space indents, please!

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This tab size is now customisable in your profile :slight_smile:


Yep, that and the dark theme made me very happy!

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Bonus - if you’re switching between 2/4 space indents you can do ctrl/cmd + I to re-indent your code to your preferred tab size.