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Open-source docs and tutorials?

It would be so satisfying, when I come across a mistake in the docs, to be able to make a quick GitHub pull request to fix it. The current process of using the Forum to report docs issues seems unnecessarily cumbersome for all involved, and it is–as a result–too often ineffectual.

Open-sourcing the docs would hopefully make life easier for Anvil Staff (after the initial transition) and it would also go a long way toward giving Anvil the feel of a truly open-source tool.

(Docs for embargoed new IDE features could still be developed in a private fork and pulled into the public docs repository at the appropriate time.)

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I agree.
Microsoft did it, Anvil can do it too :slight_smile:


Microsoft makes it so easy to make pull requests to edit docs. Hopefully, Anvil team does the same as well.

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