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New Project - Anvil Labs

@stucork and I have started a new project - Anvil Labs!

It’s a place to try out new ideas, test them, look at alternatives and generally play around. Ideas that work out well can then migrate into Anvil Extras.

Contributions are welcome from all - if you’d like to get involved, probably the best place to start is its
discussion forum.

See you all there!


First up, we have our (mostly @stucork) attempt to handle state management with our atomic module. We’ve looked at how the big players (redux and mobx) do things and plumped for the mobx approach but adapted to Python and Anvil.


Next up - our pedantic module which provides a ‘validate’ decorator for a class to indicate how its attributes should be validated.


Now with the first draft of our historic module - a module to persist portable class instances to a data table (as immutable simple objects) with a mechanism to define and manage other tables for searching.