New Datepicker style causes bugs?

Ok - first this “Bug Report” is streched pretty thin so excuse me in advance.

We received some bug reports today that at random places cancel / apply links appear:

Since we have no cancel/apply button anywhere in our application AND I noticed today that the anvil date picker has a new design. I imagined that will proboably be connected.

Anyone else seeing this issue?


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I can’t reproduce in an app by just adding multiple datepickers.

Maybe you can send a link to the live app so we can take a look.
It might also be browser/os specific?

Unfortunatelly we couldn’t reproduce it in the office.
The Bug happend at two customers which were both on Android & Google chrome (PWA).

But we have no Idea how to reproduce it - customer shops are closed for the day and logs are clear.
I just hoped you would have a hint where to look :sweat_smile:

Some things to narrow down
Does the datepicker component work in their app?
What if you just send them an app with a bunch of datepickers, some with pick_time=True and some with False

Good Idea - will report back as soon as I hear from them :+1: