[New Beta IDE] Reinstate Control + Click on functions to navigate to them

Control + Click on a function name or variable name used to take you to the definition of it but that no longer seems to work in the new version of the Beta IDE.

It would be great if this could be reinstated.

That should still work. Do you have a specific example in mind that doesn’t seem to work anymore?
(You can switch between classic and beta editors to check for a change in behaviour)

Keep in mind that to jump to a ServerModule you must have opened the server module at some point while editing.

(cmd + click still works for me as expected - i’m using a mac)

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I have an example but can’t verify it in Classic until I merge branches - which I should hopefully be doing tonight.

I see that server functions still operate if you have a server code tab open but I don’t see the expected jumps within client code.

EDIT: I may have found what is different - It seems as though it now needs a double click versus a single click before?

EDIT EDIT: Server functions still only need a single click though?

It should be a single click for both (it is for me on a mac).
If you hold the ctrl/cmd key you should also get an underline (and a cursor change) when you hover over something that you can jump to

Could you share browser/operating system so that we can try to reproduce our end?
(And also try a different browser to check if the behaviour is the same)

Windows Version 10.0.19044 Build 19044
Chrome Version 104.0.5112.81 (Official Build) (64-bit)

I get the cursor change ok for both. Client code is definitely double click. Multiple separated single clicks show the cursor but don’t navigate. Nothing urgent and double click seems to be ok as a work around.

Appreciate you having a look thank you.

Some more info on this…

Sometimes if the cursor is in the function name or the function name is highlighted, CTRL + single click works,

If not, then CTRL + single click places the cursor in the function name.

Double click seems to work ok

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Thanks for the extra info, it seems like a race condition. We should have fix for this soon.

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Thanks @stucork
Obviously this is so minor and not important but I appreciate the fix