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Link Table Popup Truncates Records

Table A has a linked column to table B, and table B has 190+ entries.
When I click on the link column in table A to link records from table B (in the IDE) the pop up containing table B is truncated at (I think) 100 rows.

This means I cannot select later records using this method.

Again (as in my last issue), I probably shouldn’t be doing it this way, but that still seems like a bug to me.


Wow, yep, definitely a bug! I’ve filed it in our issue tracker.

I’d recommend building a suitably tiny admin app to do this for now while we work out how to sort it. Here’s a template that might help you:

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I’ve run into this issue on multiple occasions. Do we have an ETA for a fix? I don’t have the dev time available to make admin screens for all of these scenarios.

Thank you,


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I must admit that I also, for better or for worse, still find myself scrolling down these pop ups, only to find that I cannot see what I’m looking for because things are truncated. So, I move to the uplink command line. This is fine, but scrolling is easier in cases where I don’t have an uplink script ready and waiting.

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There’s also no warning or indication that your records are truncated.

Well, that makes sense since it is an admitted bug.

Hey there,
we are working with links to rows in our anvil data tables which is a really good feature so far. However, there is a limitation changing the linked row in the backend when there are too many rows in the linked table (100+).

To give you an example: I have a user table that has 120 users and another one with items. The item table has a column “user”, which is linked to the user table. So, each item is assigned to a user.

Now I want to change the linked row in the backend by clicking on the Link Button in the cell. However, now, only the first 100 users are being displayed, so I cannot choose any of the 20 last rows. There is also no pagination available or filtering possible.

I would need to change it now programmatically… Would be awesome to have that solved in the future.

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Thank you for reporting, and welcome to Anvil!

I have confirmed that this bug persists in the Beta Editor, as well as in the Classic.


In my users table, each user is linked to a company. There are more than 100 companies, so it is impossible to add users to the above 100th companies directly in the table.

Look forward to when the 100 rows limitation has been removed :slight_smile:


I just created possibly the dumbest Q&A post (now deleted) because I couldnt understand why my server query was only adding 2 rows to the traveller table and yet showed the correct 4 linked records on policies.

I was clicking on the linked rows and only getting 2 of the 4 showing. Of course my records were number 99/100/101/102 :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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