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Insert sub total rows for every page in data grid

What I’m trying to do:

I have a data grid which has an amount column from a table , the data grid rows per page is set to 5 and I want to display a subtotal at the bottom of the grid in every page

I am able to do this at the last page of the grid by creating a data panel row , but I want to have this Data panel at the end of every page and not at the end of last page

Is it possible , pls suggest

What I’ve tried and what’s not working:

Code Sample:

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What happens when you pin that added data panel row?

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Hi Colbert…I dont think data panel has a pin property, but anyways I have put this requirement in the back burner as of now

Pinning rows

If you want to keep a particular row or rows visible when the page is turned, you can use the DataRowPanel’s pinned property. The pinned property can be found in the “Container Properties” section of the Properties Panel.