Google Maps Autocomplete not working in Alert

Hi everyone,

I’m using this implementation for autocompletion of location-entries in my app:

It is working without any issues, however when i use the form in an alert, the autocomplete-does not work anymore.

Any tips, how to get that solved ?

Thank you
Cheers Florian

Thanks for starting a new thread
Not working is quite vague, could you be more specific?
A minimal example clone link will help others to see the issue you’re facing

Hi Stucork,

thank you for your reply, sure here is an example app:

Gmaps Autocomplete example

Unfortunately i really can’t explain more than “it’s not working” as i really do not know how i would get debug-logging enabled in the alert.


It’s probably related to this question

In theme.css

.pac-container {
    z-index: 1051 !important;

Amazing, thank you that solved the problem ! Thank you so much !

Best regards