Full Width Data Grid

Hi all,

I have an example where full width row doesn’t seem to work as expected when using a DataGrid component

I have followed the instructions here and while the DataGrid header does stretch the full width, the data in the table itself does not.

Here is a little app to demonstrate. (My guess it that it’s Yoko’s fault :wink: )


Ok, you have fixed the widths of most of the columns so you need to tell the last column (column10 in your case) to fill up the rest of the space.

To do that check the “Expand” checkbox in the datagrid properties and see if that’s the result you are looking for,

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@david.wylie This is fantastic. I totally missed the “Expand” checkbox. Your suggestion, as well as just removing the fixed widths (even when not checking the “Expand” button), worked.

Thanks so much David.

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