Full Width Data Grid from code

If the Data Grid, Repeating Panel, Data Row Panels, etc were all created from code, how can I achieve the same full screen width behavior as listed above? Currently, my table appears exactly as the screenshot from above. The solution was to click the checkbox for “Expand.” However, Data Grid, Repeating Panel, and Data Row Panels all do not seem to accept a parameter “expand.” Cheers.

To create the same from code, you can put the “expand” key in your columns_list for whichever columns you wish to allow.

columns_list = [
        { "id": "Column1", "title": "Column1", "data_key": "Column1", "width": 100},
        { "id": "Column2", "title": "Column2", "data_key": "Column2", "width": 160, "expand": True},

then set the datagrid columns to this list of column dictionaries:

self.my_grid.columns = columns_list