[Fixed] SuspensionError on unchanged methods

Last week I started taking SuspensionErrors in a lot of data binding methods in my forms that I wasn’t taking weeks prior. There was no changes in these methods.

I’m getting:

Error binding visible of reviews_panel to self.reviews is not None:
Cannot call a function that blocks or suspends here

The code in self.reviews is written below:

  def reviews(self):
    if self.item.get('Reviews') == None and self.item.get('Filme') != None:
      self.item['Reviews'] = dict(self.item['Filme']['ReviewDict'])
    return self.item.get('Reviews')

I read in another topic about using the dict contructor with a live object that makes a server request and a workaround, but the same topic said that would be fixed in the future and I never really got these types of error.
What I want to know is if there were recent changes to this behaviour, if this is a bug that will be fixed or if I should start fixing my forms (which will be a lot of work :sob: )

Thanks for reporting - that’s a bug - we’ll get fixed and update this thread


This should now be fixed


It’s apparently Fixed! Thank you!