[FIXED] Sidebar File Panel Not Loading in Chrome and Arc Browser, with new and classic IDE

Issue Description:
I am experiencing a problem with the sidebar file panel not loading in both the Classic and New IDEs. I have checked this issue in both Chrome and Arc Browser. While the table tab is working, the files panel is showing an error. The issue seems to be in one project.

Browser(s): Google-Chrome, Arc Browser
IDE: Both Classic and New IDE

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Thanks for reporting.
Do you see any errors in the browser console?
Can you provide us an app id and we can go take a look.

same error here.

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Is there an ETA on a fix for this? Jus trying to work out if we call it for the day (its 45 degrees C here so might be better to be in the pool!)

As soon the uk wakes up.

A few work arounds (neither ideal):

  • Switch back to the classic IDE
    • Open the app then go to Settings
    • Settings → Switch back to the Anvil Editor Classic
  • you can navigate to forms directly by changing the url.
    • https://anvil.works/build/apps/<APPID>/code/forms/Form1
    • https://anvil.works/build/apps/<APPID>/code/modules/Module1
    • https://anvil.works/build/apps/<APPID>/code/server_modules/ServerModule1
  • I think the issue is only in apps with folders in their assets.
    If you have your app checked out locally, You could:
    • delete the asset folder locally,
    • push to the changes back to anvil
    • work on the app as normal
    • then when this is fixed revert that commit.

Any update on this? Still experiencing this issue.

This should now be resolved; apologies for the bump!