[Fixed] Pasting rows should insert at the beginning of the current row

  1. Click on any row of text in an editor window
  2. Press Ctrl+C → the current row is in the clipboard
  3. Press Ctrl+V → the clipboard is inserted in the middle of the current row, where the cursor is

I would like for the Ctrl+V to move the cursor to the beginning of the current line before pasting when the clipboard contains one or more full lines.

I’m probably missing something in the description but I think that’s already how it works?
If you’re on a line and you Ctrl-C then Ctrl-V will paste the entire line above the line you’re currently on?


That is not what I am seeing.

Here I press Ctrl-C then Ctrl-V and I end up with a mess:


Thanks @stefano.menci - how odd - moved to bug reports :slight_smile:.

Are you using windows/chrome?

Yes, Chrome in Windows.

Didn’t even know this was a think. I’m gonna start using it now hehehe

Tried here and it works as intended.
Using Beta Editor, Linux/Chrome.

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This works as expected also on Chrome on Windows now.

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