[Fixed] Can't access the anvil editor

What I’m trying to do:
Open an new or old app

What I’ve tried and what’s not working:
I am getting an error message: " Something went wrong rendering this part of the Anvil editor".

Kindly help me out. Thank you

Thanks for reporting
Are you able to open up your browser devtools and send us a screen shot of any errors

that’ll help us work out what’s going wrong

It would be also to know, which part of the editor is showing that message (It might be the whole editor, but it can sometimes be just the sidebar)
And any steps you take to reproduce the error.

It would also be worth checking if it happens in other browsers.

Thank you for your prompt response.
Here is a screen shot of the error.

Here is a copy of the error from devtools:
TypeError: e.toSorted is not a function
at TabPanel.tsx:42:21
at Object.useMemo (vendors.js?sha=9e62252d556bcb1ad902:2:2291439)
at t.useMemo (vendors.js?sha=9e62252d556bcb1ad902:2:2361275)
at KT (TabPanel.tsx:37:25)
at va (vendors.js?sha=9e62252d556bcb1ad902:2:2285126)
at vs (vendors.js?sha=9e62252d556bcb1ad902:2:2341958)
at Mu (vendors.js?sha=9e62252d556bcb1ad902:2:2331110)
at bu (vendors.js?sha=9e62252d556bcb1ad902:2:2331038)
at hu (vendors.js?sha=9e62252d556bcb1ad902:2:2330901)
at au (vendors.js?sha=9e62252d556bcb1ad902:2:2328042)

Let me know if you need any more specific info. Thank you

We’d strongly recommend upgrading your browser to the latest version
It should fix the error you’re seeing

It’s working now with a new, current browser.
Thank you!

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