[FIXED]Anvil Is Not Working

Circa 30 minutes ago started receiving “Anvil is not working, please refresh” and lots of red bannering.

No change on refresh. Have emailed support.

Has the service gone down?

Can not work anymore with Anvil - what´s up???

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Seeing the same here Editor is down for us.

I’m sure they will sort it but came as a nasty surprise in the middle of doing something!

Hi all,

Sorry for the issues with app saving there, the problem should now be resolved. I can confirm that your running apps were not affected, the issue was confined to saving changes to your apps.

Please let us know if you see any further issues!

Awesome, thanks Ian!

Still facing the same issues. Only a blank page appears (Chrome, MacBook)

Below the logs:

Any ideas?

This one should also now be fixed - please refresh and give it another try.


Thanks Ian - now it works fine! Thanks for the fast fixes :slight_smile:

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