[Fixed] Access File (audio.wav) from Google Drive

I am trying to access an audio file (wav format) from Google Drive.
I followed the steps in Anvil Docs (Anvil Docs | Google Drive) but got the following error when selecting a file:

Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘replace’)

The error also appears when I try to access a txt-file. Does anyone have an idea how to solve the issue?

Your code probably deviates in some way from the original. It might not be obvious to you where or how.

We’ll probably have a clearer idea of what’s wrong if we can read your (relevant) code, e.g., from the point which raised the error, backwards.

no user code yet, just “create a new app” from Anvil | Login, choose “material design 3”, add “Google API”, “add files from google drive to this app”, connect, choose folder, select file and then I get the error.

Thanks for reporting - moved to bug reports - we’ll get that fixed

Is there an update? I have the same problem…

Yes - we have identified the issue and we’re expecting to patch a fix soon. We’ll keep you updated.

Google (being google) have changed the goal posts and so we’ve needed to make some adjustments.

I want to create an app to read and modify some data on a Google Sheet I own but am not getting very far.

I have created a new app by clicking ‘Create a new app’ and selected the M3 theme. I have made no changes to the default Form1 and have written no code. I added the Google API service by clicking ‘Add’ and selecting ‘GoogleAPI’. When I click “add files from Google Drive to this app” I select my gmail account then, under ‘Sign in to Anvill’ I click ‘Continue’ then ‘Allow’. I then see the files in my Google Drive and select the one I want and click ‘Select’ but all I get is an alert labelled “Error” with the highly informative message “e is undefined”. Can anyone explain what this error message means and how I can fix it.

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Your new question really deserves a new topic of its own, with its own title.

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My new question was in a new topic but merged by stucork as both questions relate to problems with the Google API.

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We think this should now be fixed. Let us know if you’re still experiencing issues.