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Firefox won't allow to edit after running the app

What I’m trying to do:

This is happening more often than not these days. Firefox won’t allow me to edit my app in the Anvil IDE (I think this is the correct term).

Pressing on the ‘upload’ button in the IDE will bring up Windows file explorer and not the toolbox settings.

I have attached a video showing the issue.

Thanks so much for letting us know about this! Do you have any idea if there are particular circumstances that trigger this behaviour? We haven’t seen it ourselves, but any further context you can provide would be helpful in narrowing down the issue.

[Moved to bug reports]

I believe it happens after I ‘Run’ the app (usually in the separate tab).

To fix the issue, I have tried closing the Anvil tab and reloading, I have cleared the browser cache/settings. Both methods did not work.

So, I either start working on Chrome for the rest of the day, or if you click enough times around in Firefox, it goes back to working again.

I will try to keep an eye out for specifics going forward, I guess I wanted to confirm that this is a bug and not something on my end.

Thanks for the update! Do you see any errors on the Javascript console in Firefox when this happens? That would be particularly helpful in narrowing down the issue!

I think I got it to happen again.

I would run the app in another tab, then I go back to the Anvil IDE tab (design) to try and modify a component (same form usually). Then it locks up (It does not happen always).

I have attached the JavaScript console error report below.

Here is where the link inside the error takes me…

Do you have any browser extensions installed? Those errors are definitely not coming from Anvil, and that source code doesn’t belong to either the Editor or your app!

I believe you are correct. Those errors are coming from Bitwarden password manager. I will remove and see how this affects my Anvil app.